Changi Airport Group, Singapore


When the Changi Airport Group (CAG), then known as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), in conjunction with Siemens Business Solutions (SBS) awarded UFIS a contract to provide a flight management system for Changi Airport, UFIS used it as a springboard to develop and install a new release of its production line -- UFIS® 4.6.

UFIS installed a Flight Information Processing System using its own Airport Operational Database (AODB). The Amadeus UFIS functionality includes the automated planning of aircraft parking stands, gates, and baggage belts taking on Changi Airport’s unique operational requirements into account. Using the Amadeus UFIS modules, CAG can characterize rules and constraints with the objective of optimizing airport resources.
The installation also included implementing interfaces with external systems. The information received from these external systems will be considered during the allocation of airport resources to achieve an optimal resource allocation. The interfaces also retrieve information from the AODB to share with external systems, providing accurate and timely updates to other CAG departments as well as customers.
UFIS, CAAS and SBS achieved the installation and full operation of Amadeus UFIS solutions ahead of the opening of the airport’s new passenger terminal in January 2008.
In addition to its installation at CAG, Amadeus UFIS solution is also being used by SATS Ltd (SATS) at Changi. Changi is the 21st busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic according to Airports Council International. In 2009, 37.2 million passengers flew through Singapore. It was also ranked 11th in cargo with 1.66 million tons per year.