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Solutions and services for Airports

Our solutions and services encompass all airport activities, from terminal and ramp operations to flight management and passenger processing. Amadeus airport portfolio is a complete suite of next generation IT solutions that are based on solid technology foundations including software-as-a-service and built on a flexible and modular architecture that is easy to evolve.

I'd like to

  • Enhance the passenger experience

    Amadeus helps airports deliver essential products and services to ensure a more streamlined and stress-free passenger experience.

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  • Improve services to airline customers

    To retain business from existing airline partners and attract new carriers, airports must provide a range of services that meet all expectations.

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  • Optimise and monitor airport resources and operations

    Amadeus solutions offer airports the tools with which to maximise resources so as to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.

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  • Seamless integration of systems between airports and airlines

    With Amadeus, it is now possible for all airport players to partake in a true airport collaborative decision-making model (A-CDM).

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  • Have an agile cloud-based common use service and resilient network

    A cloud-based common use service that enables airports to excel in passengers processing by bringing agility, flexibility and greater operational resilience, whilst at the same time reducing operating costs.

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  • Increase non-aeronautical revenues

    The challenge for airports is to deploy initiatives that can drive new income. Leveraging Amadeus’ expertise in electronic travel distribution, airports can engage in new revenue generating opportunities.

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