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Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS

Amadeus airport fixed resource optimiser

Boost your return on infrastructure investments
Amadeus Airport Fixed RMS determines the best resource allocation against the airport flight schedule, basing optimisation on the airport’s key business drivers to reduce delays, minimise costs, maximise revenues and increase operational efficiency. The solution provides a full allocation plan for an operational day, or range of operational days up to one year in advance, with a shared situational awareness of stand and gate allocations within a GANTT style view.
Key benefits


  • Optimise use of existing infrastructure
    • Meet business objectives by optimising all fixed resources, based on multiple key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Improve efficiency
    • Minimise late stand and gate changes, improve turnaround process with real-time flight data updates shared by all airport partners
    • Reinforce customer satisfaction, with a clear visibility on all decisions showing impacts on SLA's
  • Enhance passenger experience with less risk of flight delays
Main features
  • A web based, community solution
    • Centrally hosted, but also locally hosted if required
    • Provide best resource allocation
    • For long-term, seasonal and short term planning
  • Optimisation based on multiple weighted KPIs processed simultaneously
    • Supported by business rules
    • Conflict and preference rules, for improved KPI performance
    • Complete plan optimised in a single click
  • Collaborative decision support tools & dashboard
    • Decisions based on KPI driven options
    • Quick resolution of a local conflict (single or more flights)
    • Full allocation control using a configurable critical time window
  • Integration with flight management and A-CDM compliance
    • Shared situational awareness of stands and gates in a Gantt style view
    • Flight schedules enriched with Amadeus Altéa data up to 365 days in advance
    • Alerts, notifications and flight status, including “best time” concept

Watch how it works here