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Amadeus Card Payment Acceptance

Payment solution

Amadeus Card Payment Acceptance – part of the Amadeus Payment Platform – is a set of solutions that enable travel merchants to manage payment acceptance and reversals for a wide range of international and local credit and debit  cards. 
It offers card swipe acceptance (the agent swipes the card). Card swipe transactions type are currently available as integrated service through Altéa DC Check-in GUI or through Amadeus Web Services.
Key benefits
  • Global reach with access to the authorising entities: card schemes, local cards to process the payment. 
  • Quick to market :  flexible, fast configuration of authorisation links with Amadeus business rules by country, card scheme and sales channel 
  • Easy integration of payments with in web engines or front office applications
  • Compliant with security standards : handled by Amadeus payment platform to meet all industry security standards (e.g Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)
Main features
  • The card authorisation can be optionally triggered from the PNR information through the Amadeus Web Services.   
  • Agent will be able to request a payment authorization by introducing manually the card details or by swiping the card.     
  • Able to process the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, UATP/AirPlus, UP and the most relevant local cards.   
  • At authorization time several authentications checks can be performed to verify that the purchaser is the owner of the card, intended to avoid fraudulent card use and identify potential counterfeit fraud activity.
  • The transaction is integrated in the selling flow of an ancillary service . The magnetic stripe of the card is read through the key board or a device connected to the key board. The track data is forwarded to the Central System together with the PNR reference to initiate the authorization. As a standard ticketing payment, it is PNR based and allow payment of EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document), excess baggage, etc.
  • Amadeus Card Acceptance can be accessed through Web Services by external applications, such as, Amadeus eRetail Application or Airline specific application.