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Amadeus Airport Pay

Payment solution

Airlines are increasing the number of services for which passengers have to pay at the airport when doing their check-in: additional baggage, overweight of baggage, class upgrades… However, the current payment tools used at check-in counters are outdated and do not remove the risk of fraud. Alternatively, some airlines are using their own chip & pin devices that cannot be used by other airlines or ground handlers using the same workstation. The consequence is that passengers have to walk to the far end of the airport to pay for excess luggage or a flight upgrade after a long check-in and bag-drop process.
This inconvenient set-up is now changing with Amadeus Airport Pay. It is the first airport payment solution that allows a payment device to be used by multiple companies – true common use arrives to payment terminals!  Amadeus Airport Pay is integrated in the Amadeus Airport Common Use Service platform making the most of the benefits that cloud-based solutions bring.
Amadeus Airport Pay provides airports, ground handlers and airlines a secure, low-risk payment method and eases the deployment and maintenance of the solution thanks to its cloud architecture. Increased convenience for your passengers and shorter check-in processes are guaranteed.
Key benefits
  • Cost reduction through:
    • A common use payment solution & the sharing of assets
    • Decreased fees associated with risky payment method
    • A cloud service requiring less local maintenance
    • Reduced costs in compliance with industry standards
  • Increase security:
    • PCI-DSS compliant solution
    • Chip and Pin transaction
  • Simplification of payment services:
    • Quick deployment to any ACUS-enabled airport
    • Connects to multiple acquiring banks from just one single device
  • Increase sales opportunities and passenger satisfaction:
    • ​More payment options across multiple touch-points
    • Payment option at check-in – passengers no longer have to walk across the terminal to pay
    • Less risk of fraud for the passenger
Main features
  • Cloud-based payment application
  • Multi-merchant solution
  • Multi-acquirer
  • Card Present (CP) payment process
  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • Handles multiple transaction type – EMV Chip and Magnetic methods
  • Handles Card payment brand – Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Reporting of transactions