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Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing

Amadeus Airport Contract and Billing

Secure your partnerships, optimise your revenues
Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing provides an end-to-end solution to monitor all aspects of your partnerships. Nothing is missing: the same consistency from negotiation to final billing and reporting will help you maximise your revenues and financial performance.
Key benefits
  • Maximise revenues
    • Ensure real-time tracking and invoicing of all services with the use of mobile devices
    • Limit unbilled services, reduce payment delays with full visibility on all services provided
  • Enhance customer relations while containing administration costs
    • Increase speed and efficiency through fully automated process, from negotiation to final billing
  • Enhance your business analysis
    • Track costs and revenues
    • Closely monitor the quality of services provided to customers
Main features
  • Full automation of entire process
    • From first negotiation to final billing
    • Using templates with a framework that allows flexibility
    • Including the new IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement
  • All contract details captured
    • Use of mobile devices to record and track services
    • Easy generation of documents (e.g. Word and PDF formats) for operations and billing purposes
  • Traceability of all activities for each service
    • For quality control and SLA verification
    • For billing & reporting
  • Accurate tracking of costs and revenue
    • For data analysis and forecasting

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