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Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification

Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification

Enhance security with a seamless scan & go process

Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification enables a wide range of fully automated passenger checks at various touch points within the airport, using up-to-date airline DCS data. As the passenger proceeds to the departure gate, pertinent data is provided for tailored services and upsell opportunities. Real-time information may be used to make critical decisions for the passenger, as well as for the airline at the departure gate.
Key benefits
  • Strengthen security
    • Perform advanced passenger verification against all airline DCSs and local database
  • Optimise overall airport throughput (e.g. gate allocation time, slot adherence)
    • With access to real-time flight and passenger location information at the boarding gate
  • Enhance passenger experience
    • Provide travellers with pertinent information on their flights when requested
    • Offer tailored services (e.g. lounge upgrade when there are disruptions)
    • Take advantage of upsell opportunities (e.g. airport loyalty program, duty free allowance)

  • Enrich airport data 
    • With accurate passenger information for the benefit of airline customers and other airport partners
Main features
  • Boarding pass scanning solution with real-time verification against Airline DCSs (Altéa or not) and local airport databases
  • Centralised system, allowing a dynamic and easy extension of checks throughout the airport
  • Easy integration with third party scanners (e.g. boarding tokens, 2Dbarcode boarding pass, compatible with NFC readers) through a standardised web service XML interface
  • One single data-source, with possible data distribution into Business Intelligence systems
  • An integral part of Amadeus Airport suite of solutions, supporting products such as resource management, but also available as a stand-alone solution

Watch how it works here
Amadeus Airport Passenger Verification