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Amadeus Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Flight Management

Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control - Flight Management

Achieve excellence for every flight departure

Altéa Ground Handler Departure Control – Flight Management is a new generation load control platform specifically designed to enable ground handlers to  ensure efficient flight departures and optimise the weight and balance process of all their handled flights. This improves productivity, optimises fuel requirements and ensures efficient flight departures, ramp and load control every time.
Two main options are available: Altéa Ground Handler Mobile Ramp, a flexible html GUI to manage ramp handling activities and Altéa Ground Handler Mobile Freight, access to freight application using any computer or hand-held device through an internet connection
Key benefits
  • Increase productivity
    • Significantly improve efficiency of load controllers with automated flight departure monitoring and business rules
    • Manage all handled airlines flights with a single fully graphical application, and easily switch between flights of multiple carriers in a single view
  • Increase revenue
    • Gain load capacity for freight thanks to optimised weights and balance
    • Help attract leading airline customers
  • Reduce costs by centralising load control sites and reducing fuel costs for the airlines through improved accuracy and optimised trim
  • Increase reliability
    • Reduce the cost of delays caused by unexpected or late changes and create flight departure excellence and fast turnaround
    • Benefit from full integration with Altéa Reservation, Altéa Inventory and Altéa Ground Handler DC Customer Management
Main features
  • A unique user interface to manage flights from all handled airlines (Altéa or non-Altéa)
  • Flight activity plan
    • Very flexible flight activity plan, customisable down to flight level, aircraft type, etc..
    • Scheduled activities initiated automatically
  • Flight departure monitoring
    • Graphical user interface enables monitoring of multiple flights on the same screen
    • Automated alerts if any task needs special attention
  • Load distribution and balance
    • Detailed allocation of passenger weight for complete confidence
    • Automated and optimised load distribution
    • Graphical user interface for easy handling
    • Graphical LIR (Load Instruction Report) sent to ramp
    • All activities can be fully automated