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Amadeus Connection Manager

Connection Manager

A hub is, by basic definition, an airport that is not the final destination for many of the passengers arriving there. They are scheduled to fly on to other destinations.

To enable efficient hub management, the information on the number of passengers, their connecting flights and the minimum transfer times needs to be made available to operate efficiently. This is especially important for ground handling operations at hub airports.

Amadeus Connection Manager, a hub management application, is designed to provide ground handling operations and airlines with this information. This helps to ensure smooth and seamless handling of passengers and cargo transferring between flights and terminals.

It provides and evaluates passenger, baggage, cargo and mail transfer data and highlights all affected flights. The airlines’ or ground handlers’ staff can already plan to cater for passenger needs resulting from a tight, delayed or missed connection.

Key benefits
  • Ensure efficient management of all related flights and the connection times on the ground
  • Provide a service to passengers ensuring that they catch their connecting flights or if this is not possible, to recommend a suitable later connection and give them the services required to keep them happy
  • Reduce the cost to airlines resulting from passengers missing connection flights, unused seats and complementary services.
Main features
  • Monitoring and supervision of actual flight operations
  • Overview of connections per flight: 
    • Number of passengers per class
    • Baggage, cargo and mail load
  • Availability of alternative connecting flights
  • Analysis of impact on possible delayed departures
  • Real-time collection of flight and passenger data
  • Visualisation of connection status
  • Alerts in case of short and/or missed connections
  • Evaluation of connection alternatives
  • Interface to Location Management and Status Manager to support decision making
  • Data extraction of airline DCS systems