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Amadeus AODB


Amadeus AODB operates at the heart of the unique Amadeus airport suite and provides the core accurate, consistent and timely information to all airport stakeholders. Amadeus AODB is accessed via a configurable and intuitive interface enabling authorised users to make the best decisions in all critical phases of the airport business process.

Amadeus AODB is built on the foundations of the A-CDM concepts, while extending the CDM concept into the terminal operations and the passenger experience. It constitutes a unique multi-airport AODB, where airports, airlines and ground handlers rely on a community system, and where high quality information is automatically exchanged between shared flight schedules.From inception, the flight schedules are continually enriched with airport and airlines information, which significantly improves the planning and optimisation of airport resources.

 Multiple hosting options are available including cloud, local or hybrid hosting to suit airport policies. A shadow cloud AODB option provides a simplified backup, archiving and recovery ensuring confidence for a locally hosted AODB.

Key benefits
  • Obtain a long-term view of your airport operations up to 365 days in advance with access to accurate data 
  • Reduce IT costs significantly  with easy integration and interface maintenance, while benefiting from a resilient, community model accessible anywhere, on-demand, thanks to a cloud-based solution 
  • Improve efficiency on flight schedules & turnaround cycle and make your airport A-CDM compliant with better predictability of operations and tighter coordination between airport partners  
  • Increase visibility for planning and operations, including accurate schedule information and passenger forecasts
Main features
    • Enhanced management of flight schedules, pre-operations and operations 
    • Automated data acquisition, consolidation and maintenance managed 
    • Advanced reporting interfaces 
    • Full common situational awareness based on real-time flight data (A-CDM compliant)
    • Interface with Eurocontrol

At the heart of every airport is data. Making information accessible,manageable and meaningful to all stakeholders is a major challenge. Amadeus AODB has revolutionised the airport landscape with an intelligent, multi-airport database application.