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Amadeus A-CDM Portal


Today, airport partners understand the need to put in place cooperation strategies such as Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) in order to improve the overall airport operations efficiency. In order to take better decisions and improve their overall operational efficiency, the airport partners need to have a Common Situational Awareness (CSA) with a complete view and understanding of the current and future situation for airside and landside operations.
Amadeus A-CDM Portal provides aggregated views of the status of the operational activities based on real-time data. Irregularities are highlighted, allowing users to drill deeper in more granular views to take necessary step to analyse and assess the critical situation. The A-CDM Portal combines landside and airside activities. It uses real-time information in regards to flight, passenger and other operational data. With accurate data at their disposal, airport actors can make cooperative decisions to rapidly deal with operational issues.
Key benefits
  • Increase operational efficiency  by building a shared situational awareness among all airport partners with accurate and real-time data
  • Effectively track operational activities with accurate and real-time milestone monitoring
  • React quickly to operational changes by highlighting irregularities and issues to users (with droll down for more granular views) 
Main features
  • Global situational view
    • Aggregated views of the status of the operational activities
    • Use of graphics (e.g Gantt charts) for a comprehensive overview of either airside or landside operations
  •  Dashboard with key performance indicators (KPI)
    • Current status of operations with KPI
    • Configurable to best match the requirements of the tasks at hand (e.g. landside and airside widgets)