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AODB solution

AODB solution

Amadeus AODB operates at the heart of the airport and is an intelligent data repository for airports to host, manage and disseminate complex flight and passenger-related information to improve critical decision-making across the airport environment. Amadeus AODB is fully A-CDM compliant, providing all airport actors with a common situational awareness of airport activity at any given time.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Airport Sequence Manager

    Optimises flight departure planning, improving predictability and on time performance even in adverse conditions.

  • Amadeus AODB

    A unique multi-airport AODB based on a community system or locally managed and includes real-time data sharing between airports, airlines and ground handlers

  • Amadeus A-CDM Portal

    Holistic view of all airport operations, enabling a shared situational awareness amongst all airport actors.