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Shaping the future of Airline Disruption Management (IROPS)


SWISS takes the lead in disruption management with the launch of Amadeus Passenger Recovery

Amadeus and SWISS recently collaborated on addressing one of airlines’ most serious challenges head-on: disruption management.  SWISS was looking for a solution that would make it possible to respond, recover and regain control of an ‘irregular’ situation quickly and efficiently.  In doing so, SWISS saw the opportunity to improve satisfaction amongst disrupted passengers and keep customer care costs under control.  

Learn more about the unique methodology, collaboration and resulting benefits of this SWISS/Amadeus partnership.
Amadeus produces two papers which examine airline disruption in depth
We know that disruption in air travel is inevitable as not all events can be foreseen and controlled. But how airlines deal with disruption has a huge impact on their bottom line and passenger satisfaction.  In fact, it is a problem that costs the airline industry US$60b a year.
Amadeus consulted global leaders to produce
a thought-leadership paper which:
  • highlights the key industry challenges
  • offers expert insights
  • identifies options for flight recovery and passenger service improvement
This paper is part of the ‘Future Traveller Tribes 2030’ series of research papers. It builds upon the Airline Disruption Management‘state of the nation’ paper launched with T2RL in September 2016.
Learn more about the Amadeus suite of Disruption Management solutions: