Traveler Data and Loyalty

Traveler Data and Loyalty

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway with airlines shifting towards a holistic approach to serving the traveler. This means using their data trail to come up with an offer that is relevant and personalized to them; an engaging loyalty and rewards proposition is a key component of this offer. It enables airlines to stretch beyond the self-contained loyalty program and integrate it with different sources of data to create a full customer experience offering.

Innovations to airline loyalty programs continue to appeal to frequent business and leisure travelers, as bleisure- the combination of business and leisure travel- continues to grow. Airlines are exploring ways to offer the opportunity to exchange points for extra convenience during a journey. Overall, the move is towards more flexibility, fewer barriers to spending and redeeming points, greater integration with retail brands, and more functionality (such as extending the expiration date of points, and the ability to pool points with other travellers).

Amadeus’ data driven loyalty program empowers airlines to:
  • use loyalty data to enhance all relevant services and offers to the traveler
  • connect disparate data points from a large variety of traveler touch points to form a holistic data centric view of the traveler- from social media feedback, hotels, car rentals and data on purchasing habits to credit card use on co-branded programs
  • understand the underlying reasons to why a traveler wants to interact with their brand
  • use data to extract insights that are actionable, relevant and reach the traveler in real time, at every decisive moment of the journey.

Amadeus Traveler Data and Loyalty solutions for airlines is a portfolio of solutions which empowers airlines to use reliable, relevant data from multiple sources to enhance customer experience and build customer loyalty that will ensure sustainable, long-term revenue growth.

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