Loyalty and Awards Management

Loyalty and Awards Management

Connected, profitable, sustainable:  Key fundamentals of a successful airline loyalty programme

The most successful airline loyalty programmes today generate billions of Euros in revenues and are generally growing faster and generating higher margins than the airline business itself. 

With Amadeus Loyalty Suite, airlines can create a profitable and sustainable business through a fully-connected ecosystem, driving both member growth and partner revenues. 

What does the Amadeus Airline Loyalty Suite offer airlines?
  • A clear airline focus, capable of serving all loyalty programme requirements
  • Catered to airlines’ specific needs, industry trends and mandates, thanks to open architecture and scalable infrastructure
  • Access to a comprehensive selling platform, including intelligent and dynamic retailing as well as merchandising solutions
  • The opportunity to boost airline revenues and brand value as loyalty programmes with a large and active member base attract high profile partners, who in turn bring attractive offers to members
  • Reduced time-to-market thanks to the flexibility and openness of Amadeus to integrate 3rd party services or modules
  • New product features, through a common and efficient operational environment
The Amadeus Loyalty Solution suite will enable airlines to manage and deliver a sophisticated loyalty programme that will provide a unique and differentiated customer experience, throughout the passenger journey.

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