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Amadeus Instant Search for Airlines and Campaign Management

Instant Search for Airlines

Amadeus Instant Search helps airlines to be more present in the inspirational stages of digital travellers’ journey. With dynamic, rich and accurate fares, it will attract more people to your airline website, and thus, will maximise your chance of turning ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers”. As example, Amadeus Instant Search for Airlines can help building:
  • Specific dynamic landing pages
  • Banners, calendars, histograms or maps
  •  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  •  Digital advertising operation

Campaign Management

Campaign Mgmt leverages from Instant Search for Airlines, and provides your marketers with a promotion management tool to boost your sales.
It sources special offer fares from the Instant Search for Airlines, and in conjunction with business rules enables you to implement targeted marketing campaigns across your online channels.
Off-the-shelf solution to be just plug into your site using JSON API, it can be deployed in a few weeks without complicated integration with you back-end systems.
Key benefits
Instant Search for Airlines:
  • Get a better return on your SEO
Include dynamic fares in your landing pages and advertising banners to improve your SEO.  With a higher page ranking, you'll get more customers to your website who are interested in the fare offers you've displayed.  This maximises your search engine investment and drives more business directly to your online channel.
  • Convert more 'lookers' into 'bookers' 
Attractive fares will encourage more click throughs to your website.  Once you have captured the interest of potential passengers, it is easier to keep them on your website and convert them into customers. 
  • Stand out from the crowd
Passengers have too much choice when it comes to finding air fares.  You can make it simple for them by promoting a flight offer on a landing page or banner which can then be instantly booked on your website.

Campaign Management:
  • By using customer data such as last flight searches and geographical location, you can personalise flight offers, increasing the take-up rate. 
  • Promotions are quick and easy to implement, so you can carry out multiple campaigns across your flight network.  More sales mean more revenue for your airline.
  • Customers can enjoy a great shopping experience as the offers they see will be relevant to them and easy to book.
  • Only available fares will be promoted, ensuring full compliance with legal requirements..
  • The API solution is quick to deploy and you can use optional templates to customise your banners, lowest price calendars and histograms.
Main features
Instant Search for Airlines
Scalable system able to cope with exponential growth of search transactions
  • Sub-second response time
  •  High accuracy
  •  Possibility to integrate airline partners: group, alliance, codeshare
  •  User friendly admin tool for data domain administration

Campaign Management
  • Web-based GUI to define offers, manage their content, media and all parameters
  • Capability for create new offers in mass
  •  Control the end user redirection to Amadeus Flex Pricer and e-Retail flow
  •  Management tools to optimize the offer mix (e.g. automatic offer activation based on the current/targeted price, analyst price histogram, business rules)

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