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Search and Shopping


For airlines, selling flights online has never been so competitive. Travelers want to find the best deal, - fast! They also want fares to be accurate and bookable.
And it’s not just about offering the cheapest ticket price.
Many travelers are prepared to ‘pay more to get more’; for ticket flexibility or valuable extras such as Premium Economy. The challenge for airlines is to make that ‘shopping experience’ simple, transparent and easy, while also ensuring it´s rewarding for both loyal travelers and the airline itself.
At Amadeus, we can transform your customers’ online shopping experience with the most complete Airlines Shopping Solutions:
  • Accurate: prices throughout the booking process,
  • Fast: searches for the right price in a matter of miliseconds.
  • Proven: 100+ airlines using Amadeus Flex Pricer & Main provider of 3 major airline alliances.
  • Available across all touchpoints: of the traveler’s digital journey.
Improve your conversion rate and don’t miss vital opportunities to sell or up-sell!.

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