Amadeus Media Solutions

Media Solutions

Amadeus Media Solutions allows airlines to maximise sales opportunities through the world’s largest and most diverse travel network by deploying targeted advertising campaigns across the travel agent booking flow.
Airlines can inform travel agents of new routes, service enhancements and promotions - differentiating their offer from competitors and growing higher yield bookings through the Amadeus distribution channel. Campaigns can be targeted right down to specific markets or points-of-sale.   
Key benefits
  • Differentiate your airline’s offer from key competitors.
  • Increase your revenues by upselling higher value fares and additional services.
  • Raise awareness of your airline’s brand, route network and service offering.
  • Merchandise better, by informing travel agents of the ancillary options available. 
Main features
  • Graphical Banners: Clickable banners displayed during key stages of the agency’s workflow (at sign-in, during shopping, flight availability search and sell).  Option to include pop-up screens on the travel agent’s desktop, providing further rich branding opportunities.
  • Flight Features: Rich content images, text descriptions and fare information to position value-added flight services. Flight Features appear on flight availability and shopping screens, for optimal agent conversion.
  • Availability messages: Targeted airline promotions displayed to agents while they are in the shopping process and searching for the best travel option.
  • Sign-in messages: High-impact promotional messages, displayed as travel agents log into the Amadeus system.
  • Information pages: On-screen brochures that enable instant access to the airline’s corporate and product information.