Amadeus Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer

Amadeus Frequent Flyer enables airlines to detect sales requests from Frequent Flyers and personalise responses accordingly, all in real-time. The system automatically verifies the Frequent Flyer’s number against the stored profile and creates a validated Frequent Flyer record.
Key benefits
  • Improves customer service and loyalty through personalised responses to sales requests.
  • Increases revenue integrity thanks to real-time Frequent Flyer data validation.
Main features
  • Frequent Flyer data sourcing: choice to load from top tier level only to full frequent flyer database replica.
  • Frequent Flyer accuracy: passenger name and frequent flyer numbers are validated against airline database.
  • Personalisation of results through Frequent Flyer information transmission into real-time availability and sell requests to airline systems.
  • Integration with partners: airlines can share Frequent Flyer programmes, recognise partner Frequent Flyer cards or share common Frequent Flyer databases.