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Global Merchandising System

Global Merchandising System

Established airlines are facing intense competition and diminishing yields with the increase in low cost carriers (LCC) taking hold of the market place. These no-frills options have stimulated a rise in short haul travel and a downward shift in the acceptable baseline for economy flight comfort and service.  As a result, the airline industry is undergoing a transformation which has led to a menu of over 700 component-based service, comfort and shopping elements, from which each airline brand can define its differentiation strategy.  

Airlines' future success will be defined by their ability to engage with travellers and provide targeted, attractive products and services by implementing effective merchandising strategies.  In order to help airlines achieve this, Amadeus has developed the Global Merchandising System -  a unique offering that enables airlines to:
  • reach more travellers, anywhere
  • deliver on travellers' expectations across the trip cycle, anytime
  • maximise revenue opportunities, from anyone

With merchandising revenues estimated at an additional $130 billion USD by 2020, there are significant financial and long-term loyalty benefits to be gained, putting merchandising at the top of the airline agenda.

    • $130bn by 2020

      Retailing & Merchandising in the Global Travel Ecosystem

      Our vision is to power an open, intelligent, dynamic and customer-centric global travel ecosystem that seamlessly connects airlines, travel sellers, airports, hotels and all other participants in the travel industry.

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    • Thinking like a retailer

      Thinking like a retailer

      "Thinking like a retailer", a Frost & Sullivan report commissioned by Amadeus, gives readers insight into the 5 essential elements airlines must consider in their merchandising strategy to unlock the retail mindset.

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