LCC Distribution

LCC Distribution

With over 80 Low Cost and Hybrid carriers in Amadeus today, we work closely with airlines that are evolving their business models to sustain leading growth in the industry. Whether you want to attract the higher yield business traveler, expand to new markets, exploit new routes or connect to partners, we offer flexible, innovative and proven solutions that respond to the needs of your strategy and systems.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Electronic Ticketing for LCCs

    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing for LCCs

    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing offers a comprehensive solution for carriers with a low-cost business model who want to benefit from full distribution capabilities, including interlining, supporting partnerships, reaching new and emerging markets, accessing higher yield passengers and integrating merchandising techniques. Take full advantage of the indirect channel using this leading electronic ticketing technology.

  • Amadeus Ticketless Access

    Amadeus Ticketless Access

    Specifically designed for Low Cost and Hybrid carriers wanting to tap into high-yield indirect distribution while keeping business processes simple, Amadeus Ticketless Access is a unique and industry leading solution that connects your content to our extensive network of agents, travel management companies and corporations in your key markets. Through an XML based interface, this solution allows for an easy and flexible connectivity with simple integration requirements.