Amadeus MetaConnect Search


Metas serve a critical function for today’s travellers with 1/3 of online consumers beginning their flight search on at least one meta site to identify, compare and shortlist relevant travel offers. 
Using the latest search technology, Amadeus MetaConnect Search puts airline travel offers in front of online consumers, ensuring they are part of their decision-making process, by accurately reflecting airline travel offers in search results listings. 
Within this competitive landscape, Amadeus MetaConnect Search increases airline travel offer exposure and boosts online traffic to the
Key benefits
  • Increases airline travel offer exposure through Amadeus’ cutting edge search technology at the critical moment when online consumers are shopping
  • Delivers accurate airline content to meta partners
  • Boosts traffic and sales conversion by optimising intermediated channel strategy for referrals
  • Reduces screen scraping and associated IT costs for airlines
  • Opens new market penetration opportunities by partnering with key metas in the local market

Main features
  • Replicates the airline business logic with meta  partners for a consistent multi-channel strategy
  • Responds instantly to spiralling search transactions volumes