Digital Traffic Acquisition

Digital Traffic Acquisition

With 70% of bookings sourced through a third-party referral, on average, driving traffic to your site is a highly intermediated process. Amadeus’ Digital Traffic Acquisition portfolio helps airlines make efficient use of their online marketing and customer acquisition budgets by accurately targeting consumers with the right offer, at the right place, at the right time and at the right price.  

Products and Solutions

  • Travel Audience Digital Advertising

    Matches detailed user profile data with airline targeting criteria so airlines can connect and engage with online travellers in a highly relevant, scalable and efficient manner.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Search

    Leverages Amadeus’ cutting edge search technology to place airline offers in front of online consumers. Ensures travel offers are accurately included in metasites’ search results so airline brands can be part of consumer comparison and decision-making processes.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Book

    Boosts conversion for airlines in the metasearch channel and provides a seamless shopping experience to travellers by facilitating assisted bookings directly on metasearch sites.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Network

    A flexible solution for airlines to increase the reach of their travel offers by partnering with small and medium sized metas around the world. The solution’s scalable interface allows airlines to manage their commercial relationships and business models with those metas through one single entry-point.