Content Processing

Content Processing

Airlines can provide updated schedule and availability information until the last seat is sold, providing travel sellers with an instant and accurate view of remaining seats available to sell. In addition, Amadeus FareXpert offers airlines a comprehensive and flexible fare filing solution to enter contract fares directly into the Amadeus system, using a web-based graphical user interface. The ability to manage availability and pricing for both public and negotiated fares increases sales opportunities across the airline network.

Products and Solutions


  • Amadeus Operational Flight Information

    Amadeus Operational Flight Information

    Amadeus Operational Flight Information allows airlines to notify travel agents with full flight details before and after departure, including departure gate, take-off times, estimated time of arrival, real landing and final arrival times.


  • Numeric Availability

    Numeric Availability

    Amadeus Numeric Availability allows airlines to provide travel agents with the airline’s last seat availability information. Availability status messages containing the number of seats left for a given flight/date/class are sent by the airline to Amadeus where they are used to adjust the seat count in the Amadeus Data Base each time the airline’s seat count is adjusted between a pre-defined quota and 0 within its inventory system.


  • Amadeus FareXpert

    Amadeus FareXpert

    Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is a web-based interface for airlines to load and update, in real-time, all non-public fares, such as negotiated fares, in the Amadeus system for display, pricing and ticketing by travel agents. It also allows airlines to upload content that cannot be filed through ATPCo.