Card Capture


Amadeus optimises payment settlement processes by aggregating sales and payment information to be submitted so that the money can be settled in the airline's account. For Capture we identify authorised and ticketed transactions. For Refund we automate the process, dispatching refund amounts based on the forms of payment (FOPs) used during the ticket life.
Key benefits
  • Implements new acquirers, countries and industry requirements quickly.
  • Prevents issuing any travel document (ticket, EMD and MCO) from any incorrect authorisation.
  • Ensures transactions are not downgraded due to lack of information or delay in the capture submission.
  • Provides more information about each transaction, enabling airlines to negotiate better Merchant Discount Fees.
  • Improves airline cash flow: improved timelines for capture submission will automatically improve settlement timelines, which allows the airline to have money in its bank account earlier.
  • Reduces manual workloads and avoids human errors by automating the refund process.
  • Reduces the risk of dispute.
Main features
  • Via the Amadeus Payment Platform, airlines can select the best way to process the capture and settlement, either via Payment Settlement Plans or directly through the acquirer.
  • Flexible configurations thanks to Amadeus Business Rules.
  • Captures creation and submission out of PCI DSS scope, as this process is handled by Amadeus.
  • Enhanced information in the capture file.
  • Capture file transmission is done through requested industry formats and is continuously compliant with industry standards handled by Amadeus as part of the community.
  • Refunds dispatch which is based on Form of Payment (FOP) previously used at issuance/re-issuance time, taking into consideration refundable, reusable form of payment criteria and merchant policy.