Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Do you need to deliver a great customer experience across all channels while keeping costs under control? Amadeus can help you optimise your front line agent efficiency, sales and service with Altéa Reservation Desktop Web, a next generation graphical user interface.
Deployment is made easy so agents can immediately start selling no matter where they work, whether at airline outlets, telework from home or outsourced call centres. All they need is their Altéa Reservation Desktop Web URL, login and password.
Altéa Reservation Desktop Web is used by airlines worldwide.
Key benefits
  • Enhance customer service: Specifically developed for airlines, the solution has been designed to meet users' needs in terms of display, guidance and interactions. Whether novice or expert, all agents are faster and more accurate when answering a question or amending a travel journey. They can focus their full attention on servicing their clients.
  • Increase productivity: New users become fully productive within a few weeks, while expert users can enjoy the new user-friendly graphical user interface and continue to input cryptic entries and shortcuts. Overall, airline agents spend less time on average on the phone for each customer.
  • Control costs: Altéa Reservation Desktop Web helps to reduce costs, particularly in training and deployment, and also minimises mistakes due to human error.
  • Easy deployment: The solution is a fully web-based (thin client) application and only requires internet access and user credentials. Altéa Reservation Desktop Web can be easily deployed to any location including airline contact centres and offices, airline or city ticketing offices, outsourced call centres, airport CUTE environments and home workers. (Note: security is guaranteed by Amadeus Login and Security Server.)
  • Tailored to your needs: It can meet your specific market requirements and business needs, with many customisable elements.
Main features
  • Guided flows: Next actions are suggested.
  • Configurable panels: Customised to your business processes and your business.
  • Customisation options: E.g. integration of Altéa Reservation Desktop Web into Departure Control System.
  • Smart functions: Including autocomplete, keyboard navigation.
  • Integration of fully embedded value-add services: E.g Amadeus Ticket Changer.
  • Call centre integration functionality: Frequent flyer profiles automatically displayed and secure phone payment processes.
  • Altéa Reservation Desktop Web can also be adapted to local language needs: It is currently available in 3 languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese and soon in Japanese.