Until recently, an airline’s website was all about offering a simple way for customers to search and book flights. In today’s hyper-connected mobile world an airline’s .com needs to offer a great deal more.

Customers are demanding better information and a choice of superior products and services, which they can access where and when they want, through any number of devices.
An airline’s digital solutions must cover all phases of the traveller journey, from inspiration to shopping, booking, pre-trip, on-trip, right through to post-trip. The challenge is enormous but so too are the business opportunities.
With the right digital strategy and the right execution airlines can:

  • Increase revenues and optimise conversion rates through effective merchandising, upselling and offer personalisation
  • Reduce operational costs with improved system stability and high quality self-service solutions
  • Increase customer satisfaction through an improved user experience across channels

It’s all about better business results: increasing revenues, reducing operational costs, increasing ancillary revenues, % of returning customers, ‘look to book’ ratios….and so much more.

These are the numbers that really count for today’s airline.

Amadeus Digital Solutions offers airlines a comprehensive suite of digital solutions that can help achieve improved performance and deliver tangible business results.

With Amadeus, your airline will be in good company. More than 115 airlines across the world have already chosen Amadeus as a key digital partner.

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