Amadeus Financial Suite

Financial Suite

There has never been a more inspiring time to be an airline financial executive.

A recent whitepaper published by Frost & Sullivan in co-operation with Amadeus finds that:

  • Financial processes have never received enough attention in airlines, but financial executives will soon change that by taking powerful initiatives that will improve the bottom line;
  • Lean and relevant financial processes are an enabler for the development of the airline product including the customer experience; and
  • Integration of financial processes will optimise the top line because it allows airlines to exploit analytics  (insights) which will lead to better management information and better decision-making.

Amadeus Financial Suite offers efficient solutions for airlines to streamline their financial processes, from the issuance of tickets and EMDs, to revenue accounting.

Amadeus Financial Suite supports the need to track, validate and collect passenger revenues using a variety of payment methods across all sales channels. End-to-end integration of Amadeus financial solutions allows airlines to make more informed decisions with real-time visibility. This will ensure the accurate and timely accounting of revenues, and help eliminate fraud and revenue leakages.