Amadeus Altéa Booking Intelligence

Altéa Booking Intelligence

This product complements the Amadeus Altéa Inventory portfolio for managing in real time all Inventory misuses due to frauds or system limitations.
Altéa Booking Intelligence aims at:
  • Improving the performance of airline business processes by reducing time spent on manual workload.
  • Enforcing airline Revenue Management policy by correcting in real-time and before EOT, the suspicious bookings.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of Inventory frauds detection by identifying any event with no availability at EOT.
Key benefits
Most of the time, the Revenue Integrity processes run after the End-Of-Transaction without detecting some fraudulent cases which happen before the PNR creation. Based on specific booking patterns, they could not detect the exhaustive sources of misuse.
Generally, post-process applications have to be maintained with regular update and require a lot of airline resources to analyse inventory data, to investigate issues origin. It can lead to generate debit memos and requires to communicate carefully to travel agents. At the end, most of the time, airline cannot recover their full money back.
Altéa Booking Intelligence is fully embedded in the booking creation process. It ensures the best Inventory misuses detection at the time of the PNR commitment. Thanks to the automated actions set by Business Rules, the resolution of Inventory circumvention is significantly improved.
  • Track / Measure / Correct in Real-Time before EOT
    The key benefit of Altéa Booking Intelligence is the Real-Time aspect. Thanks to the re-evaluation of availability at EOT, this revenue integrity tool runs before the airline commitment. Thanks to business rules, airline can track fraudulent agents, measure the revenue impact and take decisions (preventive/corrective) before the PNR creation.
  • Advanced report with aggregated display
    In order to identify clearly the fraudulent agent and the business impact, Altéa Booking Intelligence contains advanced reports with airline tailored KPIs: Revenue Loss Estimation, History, Export capability.
  • Scalable and progressive process
    Thanks to a generic algorithm, Altéa Booking Intelligence is able to detect new fraud scenarios generating an impact on the availability. There is no need to define/adapt to specific booking patterns or to update/maintain a post-process tool.
Main features
  • Efficient Detection
    A sophisticated algorithm runs for each PNR creation to analyse the booking activity and store the suspicious cases in one single repository. The major inventory misuses are detected such as Marriage breaks / Overbookings / Uncommitted Bookings. Each time there is a negative availability at EOT – meaning the seat should not have been sold -, an event is logged in the Altéa Graphical User Interface (GUI) with all the travel data (POS, O&D, etc.).
List of events logged in the User Interface:
  • Marriage break
  • Point Of Sale change
  • Point Of Commencement change
  • Force Booking
  • Any other case with a Negative Availability at EOT
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    The product comes with a set of reports and aggregated displays helping the end user to visualize the issue type, the business impact, the agent profile and the impacted travels. Reports can be exported to Excel for further analysis and cross checking with in-house applications.
    Relevant indicators such as Fare Data (Bid Price and Yield), availability status at EOT, Revenue Loss Estimation, and impacted routes among others can be used to filter the historical events.
    • With relevant Key Performance Indicators
      Altéa Booking Intelligence has been enriched with relevant KPIs to help Airline to monitor the booking activity.
      Thanks to the reporting module, the Airline Authorized Users are able to track, filter, sort the events and measure their business impact.
  • Personalised Actions
    Once an issue was identified, airline can set some business rules to restrict the availability, cancel the fraudulent booking, re-instate the marriage protection, limit the number of confirmed bookings or tailor the time-out per booking.
    The same parameters are available among all Altéa applications in order to have a common framework and insure a perfect constancy in the rules deployment.