Amadeus SkyMAX by Optym

Altéa Revenue Availability with Active Valuation

Amadeus SkyMAX By Optym determines the best times for each flight to trade-off non-stop and connecting revenue, matches the right fleet capacity with demand to minimise spill across the entire network, and honors multiple operational constraints to generate a flyable schedule.
Key benefits
Maximise Profitability: helps airlines balance network profitability and operational constraints to find the best times and allocate the right aircraft to each flight in the schedule.
Main features
  • Allows network planners to perform a variety of what-if scenarios and customise schedules to fit each airline’s unique objectives.
  • Uses clean-sheet scheduling to automatically build a schedule from scratch .
  • Improves upon an existing flight schedule’s profitability while satisfying all operational constraints.
  • Generates itineraries, calculates passenger flows, and calculates all financial key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Detects infeasibilities and automatically adjusts the input constraints to resolve these infeasibilities.
  • Amadeus SkyMAX by Optym

    Amadeus SkyMAX By Optym uses revolutionary clean-sheet scheduling to help airlines unlock revenue from their flight schedules