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Amadeus Airport BRS

Amadeus Airport BRS

Take your baggage services to the next level

Amadeus Airport BRS is an innovative baggage reconciliation solution, matching real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in until flight departure. Our solution supports airports, airlines and ground handlers with the loading, tracking and management of baggage. It ensures baggage accuracy while enhancing the fast turn-around of aircraft and on-time departures.

Our solution, centrally hosted from our world-class data center, is capable of handling any size operation from smaller regional carriers to large complex airports, while providing the same high level quality of service.
Key benefits
  • Reduce operational costs
    • Decreased number of mishandled baggage and associated costs
    • Substantial reduction in Teletype messaging
    • Increased on-time departures as a result of a true real-time information exchange
  • Improve passenger's satisfaction
    • By reducing the number of mishandled baggage, related flight delays and missing connections
  • Enhance quality and efficiency of baggage operations
    • Permanent reconciliation: flight, passenger and baggage details are available real-time throughout the flight
    • Synchronisation of data within the airport enabling check-in and load control staff to view real-time baggage data
Main features
  • Complete baggage and flight history
    • Includes details of baggage activities
    • Provides further passenger and flight details for deeper search thanks to full DCS integration
  • Simple and quick deployment
    • No system hardware required on-site
    • Customisable to any baggage process and re-usable configuration for Altéa customers
    • Simple and quick interface for any required scanner brand/model
    • Accomplished through robust and secure network links
  • Industry standards and mandates compliant
    • Complies with all industry messaging standards
    • Supports and actively helps drive industry mandates
  • External interfaces to airport operational products
    • Data distribution into Business Intelligence products
    • Connectivity to other DCS applications and airport operation data feed sources
  • State-of-the-art technical service
    • Centralised solution running from state-of-the-art data center, capable of handling any size customer
    • 24X7 support
    • Local technical support can be assigned to other pressing matters
    • Automatic releases in real-time enabling customers to always operate with latest application versions

Watch the video about Amadeus Airport BRS and find out how airports can take full control of baggage management.