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Amadeus Altéa Segment Revenue Management

Altéa Segment Revenue Management

Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management helps to maximise revenue by combining innovative airline demand forecasting techniques with real-time data exchange. This airline revenue management solution helps to increase profitability with its advanced decision support tools, and provides you with instant access to key performance indicators from network level down to individual departure date.
Key benefits
  • Maximises revenues: Features such as Q-Forecasting help you to avoid the spiral down effects of competition with low-cost carriers, while also having access to accurate demand forecasting and advanced methods to manage overbooking.
  • User-friendly: An intuitive, easy-to-use GUI helps your analyst to simulate the effect of their work before loading it to production.
  • Complete data integrity: Full integration with Altéa Inventory ensures consistency in price elasticity and yields, eliminating issues with data aggregation, data transfer or data integration between multiple vendor systems.
  • Higher return on investment: Altéa Revenue Management is easy to deploy, fully hosted in our world-class data centre and structured in a pay-as-you-use model.
  • Leading airline revenue management expertise: With dedicated operational research teams, we offer the industry’s most advanced revenue management thinking and continuous innovation.
Main features
  • Forecaster: Helps with airline demand forecasting, taking into account factors such as trends, seasonality and special events.
  • Price Sensitivity module:Helps you not only avoid the spiral down effect, but also to better account for demand price sensitivity.
  • Optimiser: Recommends inventory controls to optimise revenues, taking into account factors such as aircraft configurations, demand, precise yield information, cancellations and overbooking policy.
  • Yield Generator: Calculates yields based on revenue accounting and/or fares information.
  • Reporting Tools: Provides a powerful set of reports to aid decision making.
  • Altéa Group Manager: Supports the analyst in the group quotation process and in the automation of the group booking flows.