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Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management

Altéa Network Revenue Management

Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management is a next generation revenue management system (RMS) that addresses the new ways travellers shop and air products are sold, using a unique, innovative customer-centric model.  It equips airlines with the tools to efficiently manage fenceless fare structures and fare family products, beyond O&D sales.  The integration of Amadeus Altéa Network Revenue Management within the Amadeus platform, gives airlines instant access to vast amounts of high quality data, which enables faster and more informed decision-making on pricing and real-time availability.  This helps airlines achieve maximum profitability on each individual sale.
Key benefits
  • Maximises revenues with a more in-depth understanding of  the airline's network business and apply the network strategy consistently across all channels.
  • Improve revenue management controls by benefiting from a solution that integrates fully into the Altéa suite, giving access to qualitative and timely data, which enables enhanced forecasting across the whole network and automatic recalibration of model parameters.
  • Avoid revenue dilution caused by the 'buy-down' effect with real-time fare adjustments according to willingness to pay, applied in the forecasting and optimisation process.
  • Materialise the full benefits of O&D systems thanks to hands-on support from Amadeus  experts and a powerful automated decision-maker solution, which frees up airline analysts  to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Prepare for the future with a revenue management solution that integrates fully into  Altéa PSS and is compatible with multiple IT and distribution systems - all of which benefit from Amadeus 's continued investment into future-proof airline technology.
Main features
  • Demand forecasting and price-sensitivity management help prevent the 'spiral-down' effect by predicting daily sales volumes, and capturing all factors which influence customer demand.
  • Yield generation automatically computes daily yield values and historical yields, using current fares for future departure dates.
  • Optimisation of flight departures a year ahead, enables airlines to maximise profits by taking into account variable carrying costs.
  • Real-time availability processing dynamically customises the response to individual requests and applies consistent revenue management strategies across all sales channels.
  • Decision support tools, reporting and user influences help navigate complex data by monitoring yields, demand forecasts and price-sensitivity at O&D level, and simulate  their effect on availability in real-time.