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Altéa Revenue Management Suite

Altéa Revenue Management Suite

Discover the formula to maximise airline revenues   


Forecasting demand and optimising revenues for a complex Origin and Destination (O&D) network has become increasingly challenging for airlines.  Customer empowerment and highly competitive pricing from LCCs, have forced airlines to rethink revenue management and look to more sophisticated systems which are ‘customer’ rather than ‘seat’ centric. 

Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management suite is a unique tool that has been developed for and by airlines.  It collects and packages Big Data from customer purchasing behaviour, competitor pricing and contextual data, and with full integration into Altéa Passenger Service System, information is no longer distorted or inaccurate.

In addition, advanced algorithms and superior usability enable revenue analysts to improve accuracy and precision in forecasting, which help airlines achieve higher optimisation in O&D management and maximise revenues.

However, it is not just about technology.

The Amadeus Revenue Management Competency Centre, together with a dedicated team of change management experts, provide airline revenue analysts with constant support to ensure a seamless evolution in O&D management and the know-how to leverage the competitive features that Altéa Revenue Management Suite can deliver.  In this way, airlines are better equipped to achieve long-term profitability in a new, information-enabled, global travel ecosystem.