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Amadeus Ticket Changer Shopper

Amadeus Flex Pricer

Amadeus Ticket Changer Shopper lets your customers make changes to tickets which are either unused or partially used (in the case of a multi-leg trip).  They can modify the date, flight, cabin class and routing to create a new itinerary. 
An important aspect of ATC Shopper is that it uses Amadeus' industry-leading low fare search technology. This means that when customers are changing their tickets, they will be able to shop and book the lowest available fare for their revised route.
This solution can be used across your digital touchpoints - online and mobile - making it accessible to customers anytime and anywhere.
Key benefits
  • Your customers will value a ticket change service which is fast, accurate and available 24/7.
  • Protect your revenues as fare difference and ticket change fees are automatically calculated. 
  • You can also promote upselling as customers will see all available fares on the calendar or upsell display when making changes to their ticket.
  • Your passengers can carry out ticket changes in just three simple steps: 1) retrieve the PNR, 2) search the available travel solutions and re-book, 3) receive confirmation of the re-issued ticket.
  • Importantly, the user experience is consistent - whether booking for the first time (with Amadeus Flex Pricer), or making a ticket change (with ATC Shopper)
  • The workload on your call centres is reduced thanks to ticket change automation.  This frees up agents to concentrate on other priorities.
Main features
  • ATC Shopper is IATA compliant and can be integrated across all digital devices
  • You can offer this service for all types of tickets (domestic, international, own airline, interline partners, reissued or revalidated) and fares (public, private, negotiated) 
  • Tickets are automatically checked to verify if changes are permitted and what pricing recalculation rules need to be applied, as per the airline’s fare filing in ATPCO category 31
  • Using Amadeus low fare search technology, all travel solutions can be easily sorted and filtered to find the best travel option
  • An exclusive premium option is available which can process and/or display up to 10 fare families and 50 travel solutions. This redesign is unique to the industry, returning up to 150 times more recommendations (250,000) to your airline.

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