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Amadeus Interactive Awards

Amadeus Altea Interactive Awards

Retaining loyal and valuable customers is essential to maintain competitive advantage for an airline. While frequent flyer memberships and award currencies are on the rise, so is the outstanding award liability in the airline’s financial books. Airlines need to minimise this liability by engaging their most important customers in the loyalty program, providing them with ample opportunities to use their accumulated miles or points.
Amadeus Altéa Interactive Awards enables the consumption of frequent flyer award currencies at all customer touch points linked to an airline’s direct channels. It allows the customer to shop, book and issue award bookings in an integrated, automated and secure way, ensuring real-time eligibility and miles management by the loyalty system.
Key benefits
  • Increase productivity: Remove manual processes through a fully-integrated solution that automates pricing, issuance, reissuance, cancellation and refund of award tickets.
  • Improve servicing: Provide rapid response on exchanges, refunds and voids on award tickets via multiple airline channels.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Enable customers to redeem miles or points at any touch point thanks to integration with the call centre user interfaces, website, mobile and departure control system. Provide immediate confirmation thanks to real-time interaction with the loyalty system.
  • Reduce costs: Eliminate development and support costs for complex robotics and dedicated user interfaces. Minimise fraud and ensure debit of correct miles amount, while also eliminating the need to file fares in the loyalty system.
Main features
  • Award fare filing: Through Amadeus FareXpert and ATPCo.
  • Informative pricing and confirmed pricing via the centralised Amadeus pricing engine: Applicable to all direct channels and for partners with defined agreements. Easy exchange or refund of redemption and upgrade issues thanks to automatic re-pricing feature.
  • One fully-integrated flow: From shopping to booking to ticketing.
  • Real-time interaction with the airline loyalty system: Validate the eligibility of the request, allowing real-time mileage management in airline loyalty system and avoiding manual agent updates.
  • Consistent output: Track the specific payment in award currency and guarantee TST (Transitional Stored Ticket) creation and mileage amount computation. Also includes availability of mandatory data (Frequent Flyer number, miles amount, etc.) for eligibility checks.
  • Integration with regular commercial reporting features: Relevant data transmitted in PNR data feed and hand-off tape (HOT) files.