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Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition

Amadeus Altea Corporate Recognition

Amadeus Altéa Corporate Recognition enables airlines to identify, segment and provide preferential services to corporate travellers, based on the value that each corporation brings to the airline.
Key benefits
  • Retain & increase corporate travel
  • Secure margins
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity & reduce costs
Main features
  • Segment corporate travellers by using unique identifiers.
  • Differentiate corporate customers by defining relevant value criteria such as: corporate tier, corporate priority code and corporate customer value.
  • Tailor customer offers based on corporate value data. For example, Reservation Services: seating, availability and waitlist confirmation, Departure Services: check-in, on-load and lounge access.
  • Pre-defined corporate value data is incorporated into business rules to automate processes used across the Altéa Suite.
  • End-to-end integration with key Altéa solutions and Amadeus booking tools, such as Amadeus e-Travel Management and Amadeus Selling Platform, ensures widespread reach across direct and indirect channels.

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