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ATC Involuntary

atc involuntary

When a flight is disrupted (e.g. cancelled, delayed, rescheduled or diverted en-route), it is imperative that your passengers can be re-accommodated as quickly as possible and with minimum fuss.  ATC Involuntary lets you re-issue tickets in a few simple steps.  By working fast to resolve the disruption, there will be less impact on passengers, leading to a better all-round experience.
You can also allow customers to re-book their own flights with ATC Involuntary Online.  Passengers can select from alternative flights, either via your website or mobile app, and get their tickets automatically re-issued.
Key benefits
  • You can reduce the processing time from 10 minutes to just a few seconds, when compared to manual reissues.  The time saving is even greater when passengers use the online tool to re-book their flights. 
  • Automatic re-issuance reduces the workload on call centre and airport staff, leaving more time to focus on handling other customer queries.
  • ATC Involuntary Online takes into account the disruption policies you have defined during the re-issuance process
Main features
  • ATC Involuntary is available for all e-tickets, whether they are issued by Amadeus or another provider 
  • Reissues are processed free of charge for the passengers and an indicator is included in the new ticket to show the reason for the disruption
  • ATC Involuntary can be triggered by your ticketing agents as well as by e-Ticket Synchroniser - Mass Reissue
  • It can also be integrated in more global flows tackling involuntary scenarios: Disruption Transfer in Altéa DCS solution and Enhanced Re-accommodation in Altéa Inventory solution.
  • ATC Involuntary Online manages the re-issuance of flight tickets and EMDs linked to ancillary services, via Amadeus Service Changer (ASC) Involuntary

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