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Amadeus Altéa NDC

Amadeus Anytime Merchandising

Amadeus Altéa NDC (New Distribution Capability) is an IATA-certified solution which enables Altéa PSS airlines to distribute advanced merchandising offers to third parties. Within the Amadeus ecosystem, Altéa airlines benefit from native integration, thanks to a common Amadeus platform. Amadeus Altéa NDC supports end-to-end NDC booking flows, from shopping to purchasing, and provides “Offer & Order” management capabilities.
Key benefits
  • Revenue Optimisation – increase efficiency with the latest IATA industry standards
_ Benefit from a single source of merchandising offers
_ Provide designated third parties with access to your content
_ Deploy innovative capabilities (e.g. dynamic pricing, advanced personalisation)
  • End-user experience – deploy consistent offers to all channels
_ Extend your merchandising distribution reach
_ Propose unique offers across multiple channels
  • Brand identity – differentiate your offer
_ Transmit rich product information (e.g. fare families, ancillary services, rich media)
  • IT Business value – implement a modular and flexible solution
_ Benefit from a native solution which offers performance, scalability and evolution gains
_ Leverage consistent end-to-end integration in the Altéa Passenger Service System
Main features
  • NDC-XML messages using IATA NDC verbs
_ Amadeus Altéa NDC uses NDC verbs which are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, published by IATA.
  • Offer Management
_ Shopping query results are stored at shopping time via 'Offers' and 'Offer items'
_ Fare conditions and prices are guaranteed
_ 'Book from offer' process using Offer ID
  • Order Management
_ The order is created when finalising the shopping flow, using existing processes (e.g. booking, payment, document issuance)
_ 'Order' concept is specific to NDC (macro record linking both ticket/PNR), using Order ID