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Differentiate your offer

Differentiate your offer

Amadeus helps you to differentiate your offer from competitors at all stages of the sales process. Whether you want to inspire, influence or inform your customers through any of your sales channels, Amadeus can help you to execute the right merchandising strategy. This includes providing an accurate description of your fare families, highlighting special promotions or proposing add-on services. Through effective communication, you can create up-sell opportunities, generate increased revenue and improve customer satisfaction across the entire journey.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services
    Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services

    Increase your revenues while helping travellers choose from a selection of additional services to customise and enhance their travel experience with your airline. Our Dynamic Catalogue is fully integrated across the booking flow ensuring your airline’s ancillary services are available to travellers at any time.

  • Amadeus Anytime Merchandising in distribution
    Amadeus Anytime Merchandising in distribution

    Increase revenues, boost customer loyalty and enjoy offer control by seamlessly pushing dynamic and contextualised merchandising content created in Amadeus Anytime Merchandising to travellers and travel agents through Amadeus’ Intermediated Distribution Channel.

  • Fare Families
    Amadeus Airline Fare Families

    Brand and differentiate your airline’s fares while clearly promoting and displaying the full value of each offer. Increase revenues by proactively upselling across your portfolio and ensure business, leisure and corporate travellers can tailor their travel experience according to their needs.

  • Selling Platform Connect for Airlines
    Selling Platform Connect for Airlines

    Selling Platform Connect for Airlines offers Amadeus customers complete transparency on how their content is displayed in the Amadeus distribution channel. With access to Selling Platform Connect, the next-generation and cloud-based fulfillment platform, airlines can see their content through the eyes of an Amadeus travel agent, and verify that their brand is consistently deployed in the indirect channel.

  • Amadeus Rich Content
    Amadeus Rich Content

    So you have invested in cabin design, a merchandising portfolio and a distinctive travel experience. It’s now time to show the world what makes your brand so unique and why travellers should choose your airline instead of a competitor. Bring travel agents on-board and empower them to better sell your travel offers. Amadeus Rich Content – your brand, your way.

  • Media Solutions
    Amadeus Media Solutions

    Deploy integrated marketing campaigns and promote special offers through the world’s largest travel network. Campaigns can be segmented and targeted right down to specific points of sale.

  • Amadeus Anytime Merchandising
    Amadeus Anytime Merchandising

    Unlock the power of dynamic merchandising.

  • Bidding for Upgrades – Premium Cabin and Economy (Plusgrade)
  • Amadeus Anytime Merchandising
    Amadeus Altéa NDC

    Extend your distribution reach