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Amadeus Revenue Accounting


Amadeus Revenue Accounting is a next generation solution that helps airlines track all passenger sales revenues in real time. Through instant recognition of online and interline revenues, airlines can collect revenues faster, helping to improve cash flow. Sales and usage information can be retrieved and consolidated instantly, providing airlines with a complete view of revenue performance, facilitating strategic decision-making.
By automating many revenue accounting processes, airlines can maximise productivity and data accuracy, supporting all areas of the airline business.
Key benefits
  • Collect revenues faster with instant online and interline revenue recognition, enabling airlines to improve cash flow.
  • Facilitate strategic decision-making with up-to-date and complete reporting. Sales and usage information is available in real time and consolidated in one centralised place, providing airlines with a complete end-to-end view from booking to financial accounting.
  • Optimise revenue accounting processes through a higher level of automation, leading to increased productivity and accuracy. This can be achieved through automatic application of reference data and upfront quality controls. In addition, modifiable business rules help improve the time to market for business policy changes.
  • Benefit from evolving technology which allows airlines to quickly adapt to the latest industry developments, such as EMD and Simplified Interline Settlement. These  are already supported by the continuously evolving Amadeus Revenue Accounting solution. 
Main features
  • Seamless integration with airline passenger services applications: when combined with the Amadeus Altéa Suite, this offers additional benefits such as direct access to e-tickets, Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD), bookings, fares and taxes data. A single data source ensures more consistent and accurate results.
  • Real-time acquisition of sales and usage data: sales data is acquired at the time of Amadeus e-ticket issuance and usage data is registered as soon as the flight departs. This is further complemented by an instant reconciliation between sales and usage data.
  • Flexible solution, supporting airlines in a changing business environment: customisable workflows can accommodate multiple roles and organisational setups. The solution also caters for different business situations and partnership contexts, such as alliance-specific needs for revenue accounting. 
  • User friendly interface, based on latest open-source technology and fully hosted by Amadeus: the web-based user interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing for quick familiarisation. The Amadeus Revenue Accounting solution is based on adaptable technology that can more easily accommodate different business needs.
  • Amadeus Revenue Accounting

    Take control of the revenue accounting function with real time recording, management and reporting of all planned and actual revenues from any distribution channel.

  • Amadeus Financial Suite

    Protect all airline revenues against risk of leakage

  • Amadeus Sales Auditing

    Prevents revenue leakage through an automated sales auditing and recovery solution that is fully integrated with Amadeus Revenue Accounting and Amadeus Fares & Pricing Engine