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Amadeus Bank Settlement Reconciliation

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In many cases, up to 4% of revenue does not reach an airline’s bank account without manual intervention. With millions of transactions performed each day, through multiple sales channels, using different acquiring banks and complex accounting systems, the reconciliation process can be both costly and time-consuming.

Amadeus Bank Settlement Reconciliation efficiently identifies any discrepancies between sales and received funds, allowing airlines to track missing revenues from all payment sources.

Amadeus Bank Settlement Reconciliation generates a warning message when a mismatch occurs between monies received and billed sales, prompting airlines to take corrective action to identify and recover any missing revenues.
Key benefits
  • Reduce revenue leakage by identifying missing payments from billed sales quickly and efficiently.
  • Reconcile all payments regardless of sales channel, method of payment, currency and country of origin.
  • Produce an accurate forecast of account receivables with daily reports and email alerts to provide full sales control.
Main features
  • Single user interface for payment information.
  • Reconciliation at ticket level throughout each step of the payment flow: from sales to settlement.
  • Available for all sales channels and forms of payment.
  • Reports can be filtered by country, form of payment, BSP and merchant.
  • Reconciliation results can be integrated with popular accounting software such as SAP or Oracle.
  • Standardised receivables accounting methods complete revenue accounting systems.
  • Fully integrated into  Amadeus Payment Platform and also available as a standalone solution.
  • Complies with domestic and international card rules and regulations (including PCI-DSS).