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Efficiency management

Efficiency management

Amadeus provides airlines with multiple solutions to manage passenger processing more efficiently, resulting in more streamlined operations. When a journey is modified due to passenger intervention or involuntary disruption, it is important to have automated processes in place to change tickets, reaccommodate passengers, trace baggage and re-assign flight resources in order to minimise delays and any impact on the customer experience. With an accurate view of passenger and cargo movement, airlines can optimise each aircraft load and achieve better on-time performance.

Products and Solutions

  • Amadeus FareXpert
    Amadeus FareXpert

    Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is a web-based interface for airlines to load and update, in real-time, all non-public fares, such as negotiated fares, in the Amadeus system for display, pricing and ticketing by travel agents. It also allows airlines to upload content that cannot be filed through ATPCo.

  • Amadeus Negotiated Space
    Amadeus Negotiated Space

    Amadeus Negotiated Space is an automated, flexible and customisable product that enables airlines to allocate a group of seats or “blocked space” to their distribution partners. The airline has full control of its blocked space inventory, which is synchronised in real time with the Amadeus system, and can determine the number of seats it makes available within specific date ranges. Negotiated Space also allows automatic seat re-accommodation following schedule changes or cancellations.

  • Amadeus Service Changer
    Amadeus Service Changer

    Automate EMD changes.

  • Amadeus Altéa Departure Control – Flight Management
    Amadeus Altéa Departure Control – Flight Management

    Automate your load control and optimise every flight departure.

  • Amadeus Ticket Changer
    Amadeus Ticket Changer

    Automate ticket reissues and refunds.