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Amadeus Electronic Ticketing

Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct

Amadeus is the undisputed leader in electronic ticketing technology, connecting airlines to the world’s largest travel network. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing links airline databases, ticketing servers and Bank Settlement Plans (BSPs) to enable authorised travel agents to issue electronic tickets easily and securely.
Amadeus Electronic Ticketing complies with IATA ticketing regulations as well as the requirements from the national Bank Settlement Plans (BSP) and the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC).
Key benefits
  • Optimises airline distribution by reducing fraud through the issuance of electronic tickets, improving cash flow thanks to increased security, and increasing the speed of reporting to revenue accounting systems.
  • Simplifies business processes by offering increased productivity, flexibility and security to travel agents.
Main features
  • Access to the world’s largest community of e-ticketing airlines and travel network.
  • Real-time access to electronic data thanks to a direct connection to the airline’s database.
  • E-Ticket image is immediately transmitted to the airline’s e-ticketing database upon ticket issuance.
  • Flight coupon status information (ie, exchanged, flown, checked-in, refunded) is available in real-time.
  • Supports ATPCo coded fare rules for paper surcharges and electronic ticket restrictions (Category 15 and 12).
  • Direct travel agent access to the airline’s e-ticket database to display, cancel, refund, exchange or revalidate e-ticket records; enables issuance of agent and audit coupons, credit card charge forms and itinerary receipts.
  • E-Ticketing eligible flights are clearly marked in all Amadeus displays and negotiated fares are also available.