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Distribute through Amadeus TA community

Distribute through Amadeus TA community

Amadeus helps you reach agents and customers around the world to maximise sales opportunities more efficiently. Thanks to a wide range of Amadeus travel agent selling interfaces, you can sell and market to a number of travel agency audiences including: Travel Management Companies, Corporations and Online Travel Agents, reaching more agents than any of our competitors. Our growing distribution network covers 219 countries, with access to over 400,000 agency points of sale and 145 airline reservation offices, all of whom use Amadeus to book travel.

Products and Solutions

  • Travel Audience Digital Advertising

    Matches detailed user profile data with airline targeting criteria so airlines can connect and engage with online travellers in a highly relevant, scalable and efficient manner.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Search

    Leverages Amadeus’ cutting edge search technology to place airline offers in front of online consumers. Ensures travel offers are accurately included in metasites’ search results so airline brands can be part of consumer comparison and decision-making processes.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Network

    A flexible solution for airlines to increase the reach of their travel offers by partnering with small and medium sized metas around the world. The solution’s scalable interface allows airlines to manage their commercial relationships and business models with those metas through one single entry-point.

  • Amadeus MetaConnect Book

    Boosts conversion for airlines in the metasearch channel and provides a seamless shopping experience to travellers by facilitating assisted bookings directly on metasearch sites.

  • Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct
    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing

    Amadeus is the undisputed leader in electronic ticketing technology, connecting airlines to the world’s largest travel network. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing links airline databases, ticketing servers and Bank Settlement Plans (BSPs) to enable authorised travel agents to issue electronic tickets easily and securely.

  • Amadeus Interactive Sell
    Amadeus Interactive Sell

    Amadeus Interactive Sell ensures that when a booking request is made to the airline's inventory, a reliable status response is returned in real-time. According to the status, the sale is confirmed, waitlisted or rejected immediately.

  • Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct
    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing Direct

    Amadeus eTicketing Direct enables authorised Travel Agents to issue Electronic Tickets on the validating carrier’s e-ticket stock and to report these transactions directly to the airline revenue accounting system, without reporting them first to the BSP.

  • Amadeus Electronic Ticketing for LCCs
    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing for LCCs

    Amadeus Electronic Ticketing offers a comprehensive solution for carriers with a low-cost business model who want to benefit from full distribution capabilities, including interlining, supporting partnerships, reaching new and emerging markets, accessing higher yield passengers and integrating merchandising techniques. Take full advantage of the indirect channel using this leading electronic ticketing technology.

  • Amadeus Ticketless Access
    Amadeus Ticketless Access

    Specifically designed for Low Cost and Hybrid carriers wanting to tap into high-yield indirect distribution while keeping business processes simple, Amadeus Ticketless Access is a unique and industry leading solution that connects your content to our extensive network of agents, travel management companies and corporations in your key markets. Through an XML based interface, this solution allows for an easy and flexible connectivity with simple integration requirements.

  • Amadeus PNR Claim
    Amadeus PNR Claim

    Amadeus PNR Claim gives airlines the possibility to authorise travel agents to retrieve PNRs that were initially created in the carrier’s system and take control of the PNRs for ticket fulfilment or further servicing.

  • Numeric Availability
    Numeric Availability

    Amadeus Numeric Availability allows airlines to provide travel agents with the airline’s last seat availability information. Availability status messages containing the number of seats left for a given flight/date/class are sent by the airline to Amadeus where they are used to adjust the seat count in the Amadeus Data Base each time the airline’s seat count is adjusted between a pre-defined quota and 0 within its inventory system.

  • Amadeus Operational Flight Information
    Amadeus Operational Flight Information

    Amadeus Operational Flight Information allows airlines to notify travel agents with full flight details before and after departure, including departure gate, take-off times, estimated time of arrival, real landing and final arrival times.

  • Amadeus Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD)
    Amadeus EMD Server

    Switch to a paperless environment to reach new markets and increase revenue opportunities.