Resources and Downloads for Online Travel Agencies

Documents and resources for online travel agencies.

Amadeus places at your disposal all its knowledge about the online travel industry. You can free download reports, case studies and other valuable resources and documents for travel agents that can help online travel agencies businesses to be more efficient, to boost their revenues and to be up to date with the latest travel trends. Information about our innovative technology for travel agencies can also be found. Our portfolio for travel agents includes products, solutions and services.

  • Portfolio sales sheets

    Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search - Sales Sheet

    Today, speed isn’t just a feature, it’s ‘the’ feature, where predictive queries, and dynamic results are the new standards.

    Portfolio sales sheets
  • Portfolio brochures

    Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Brochure

    Put your passion to work today.

    Portfolio brochures
  • Research reports

    Learn, apply, change: big data and travel

    This independent study explores the impact of large volume, unstructured data known as big data on the global travel industry.

    Research reports
  • Infographics

    Amadeus Financial results - Yearly results 2016

    Amadeus accelerates profit growth thanks to strength of core businesses and acquisitions