Amadeus Fraud Management for Airlines

Real Time Integrated Security

With airlines subject to fraudulent payments transactions every three minutes, Amadeus addresses airline credit card fraud head on, striking the perfect balance between constraining fraud rules that affect sales, and reduced fraud checks that affect cost due to credit card chargebacks.

Amadeus Fraud Management for Airlines screens transactions in real time, offers multi-channel security, and integrates seamlessly into your booking flow.


  • Increase sales and enhance customer experience

    Increase sales by accepting more valid transactions thanks to advanced automated fraud screening

    Reduce false positive results for less impact on customer experience

  • Check payment transactions in real-time

    Faster fraud detection before ticket issuance

  • Customised for the travel industry

    Unrivaled travel and payment data

    Travel focused fraud management strategies with enhanced modeling techniques

    Customised traveller behaviour profiling rules to avoid customer service impacts

    Fraud checks are enriched by travel-payment data and fraud detection technologies such as frequent flyer travel history, white-black lists, IP morph checks and device fingerprint among others

  • Protect your online expansion strategy with worldwide fraud protection expertise

    Available for all channels: on-line, mobile, face to face and call centres

  • Integration with Amadeus Payment Platform

    Fully integrated in the booking and ticketing flow

    Possibility of combining with 3D-Secure authentication

    Fraud results are incorporated in the passenger name record (PNR) and attached to the corresponding payment information for tracking purposes

  • Complete management and reporting tools

    Define multiple business rules depending on your airline’s strategy, with full flexibility to include, modify or delete any rule

    Airlines have access to all statistics & transaction details through Amadeus Fraud Management for Airlines partner companies’ interface