Amadeus B2B Wallet Prepaid

B2B Wallet prepaid

Turning payments into profit

Each Amadeus B2B Wallet Prepaid virtual card number is unique. This means travel agencies generate a virtual account number each time they want to pay. Regardless it is a hotel, an airline or any other travel supplier. And they can do this in Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect or via web services. Eventually, the prepaid virtual card replaces invoicing, wire transfers, bank debit cards, cheques and cash advances.


  • Generate revenue and avoid surcharges:

    Travel agents have different payment options. Therefore, they can earn revenue or avoid surcharges, allowing you to maximise financial returns. The MasterCard prepaid card earns you a rebate on every purchase made, while the Visa debit card helps to minimise or avoid supplier card fees and surcharges.

  • Streamline back-office processes

    Each transaction has a unique card number, which improves the security when a physical card is not required. This includes online, over the phone or by fax purchases. Besides, each number is stored both in the booking records and the payment invoice. As a result, reconciliation gets easier.

  • Control how your card is used

    Travel Agencies can control the validity and maximum spend of the card, while limitting the numbers of transactions. In addition, merchant guarantees protects you against supplier default and you have no financial liability, since Amadeus acts as the cardholder.

  • Fully integrated in Amadeus Selling Platform

    Now, there is no need for Travel Agencies to leave the booking environment to pay suppliers, since B2B Wallet Prepaid is integrated the Amadeus Selling Platform.

    Besides, major card schemes offer “chargeback rights”. Hence, travel agencies can recover money in the case of a supplier bankruptcy.

    Payments for any travel-related content

    No matter what travel content you purchase, since B2B Wallet allows to pay any type of supplier and with multiple currencies. Either full service airlines, rail travel, car rental, cruise or travel packages.

  • Multi-currency

    You can pay your suppliers worldwide in most of the main currencies, such as Euros, British Pounds, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Danish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner, Hungarian forints, Polish zlotys or Swiss Francs. Consequently, this reduces foreign exchange fees, and offer competitive exchange rates for those currencies not available.