Amadeus Airport Pay


The EMV airport solution to convert more sales

Paying for ancillary services at the airport is now smoother than ever. With Amadeus Airport Pay passengers can pay anywhere at any airport. It is the first payment solution in the industry to accept EMV chip card payments that can be used by multiple airlines, ground handlers and multiple banks. Amadeus Airport Pay offers a convenient and secure payment method for travelers, which improves the passenger’s airport experience. 


  • For Airlines

    _ Safe payments for more passengers worldwide with a PCI-DSS compliant solution
    _ Convert more ancillary sales by offering a better payment experience to travellers
    _ Wider reach to multiple banks, reducing payment costs, limiting fraud risk and shifting liability to the cardholder’s bank

  • For Travellers

    _ Save time at check-in and pay for all ancillary services at one terminal
    _ Pay securely with trusted chip & pin card technology (contact and contactless) or compliant mobile wallets.