About Amadeus Travel Payments

About Travel Payments

Why payments in travel are complex?

For any sector, staying on top of payments complexity is demanding. Both in terms of management time and transaction costs. As for travel, the picture is even more complex. Global travel merchants need payment solutions across different countries and currencies. Additionally, they have to comply with different regulators, plus a travel-specific one as IATA. Besides, there are processes specific to travel like tickets, which are issued months before the service is delivered.

Payments are unique

Simplifying payments in travel 

Amadeus Travel Payments’ core proposition is to simplify payments in travel. Travel merchants must receive payments cost-effectively. That is why Amadeus has built a payment hub that provides travel providers with a single connection into an end-to-end payments environment. The hub encompasses acceptance, settlement, reconciliation and security solutions, including fraud solutions vendors on a single platform that is customized for travel. Hence, the Hub brings together over 420 banks, 20 PSPs and 50 partners. These include fraud solutions vendors on a single platform that is customized for travel.

Amadeus Payments Hub


Amadeus Travel Payments has added to this proposition by building out a portfolio of solutions to help travel providers manage their payments pay their suppliers, whether they are airlines, hotels or other travel suppliers. In a single platform, travel agencies can access multiple providers of virtual card payment solutions, enabling them to make secure, efficient payments to their suppliers.

Amadeus Travel Payments in numbers

Travel Payments in numbers

The Team 

More than 150 travel and technology experts to make payments in travel simpler for travel merchants. Our specialists, located in 7 locations around the world, are fully dedicated to keeping customers ahead of fast-paced change.


Amadeus Travel Payments Executive Management Team

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