July 7, 2017

A game changer in payments at the airport: Amadeus Airport Pay

We are very excited to have launched Amadeus Airport Pay with the Lufthansa Group, which is rolling out the payment solution in over 170 airports worldwide starting in June 2017.

Amadeus Airport Pay is the first solution in the industry for EMV chip card payments which can be used by multiple airlines and ground handlers, with multiple banks, in any airport across the world. And thanks to its wireless design, it is completely independent of the common use check-in infrastructure.

No more hassle paying for ancillary services at the airport

Despite airlines selling ever more services at the airport, until now there has been no way to pay that is good for both the traveller and the airline.

Paying for ancillary services at the airport can be a painful experience for the traveller, who have had to either trek across the airport to the airline sales desk, or handover their payment card to the check-in agent for them to swipe the magnetic stripe into the keyboard that’s shared by many airlines. This gives a bad impression of security and is very difficult for airlines to make PCI-DSS compliant.

In some cases travellers could pay with their chip card in a kiosk, but this is not good for the airline as it has no Departure Control integration.

This is because shared airport check-in desks cannot accommodate the specific payment needs of multiple airlines.

Now, true common use reaches the payment process at airports. Amadeus Airport Pay enables check-in agents and any airport service company wanting to sell services of multiple companies, to process all payments from the same payment device, right from the check-in counter or indeed anywhere in the airport.

This unique multi-airline solution offers secure EMV chip card payments of multiple airlines with multiple banks at any airport around the world. Check-in agents just have to log in with their credentials in a common payment terminal.

Payments are fully integrated in to the check-in process without forcing travellers to change counter. A smoother process and happier passengers!

Want to know more? Send us an email to travel.payments@amadeus.com and we will get in touch.

In the meantime visit the Amadeus Airport Pay page and check out the video demo below.